Tradition of – Lord Mahaveer

The tradition of Veetragi Jainism has been into practice since infinite years because Jainism is based on eternal truth. This eternal truth doesn't vary in any time period. In this pure flow of graceful tradition of Veetragi Jainism, from the first Tirthankara Rishavdev to the last Tirthankara Mahaveer of the present twenty-four Tirthankaras has restored the principle of functioning of substances which symbolizes the eternal truth of Jainism. After Lord Mahaveer, many Acharya, Saints, and learned Jain disciples have continued the stream of Jainism with their accustoms for the benefit of bhavya souls.

According to Jain philosophy, the Kaal chakra (wheel of time) changes continuously. Though the flow of Kaal Chakra is infinite, yet the wheel can be divided into six parts.

Kaal Name of Kaal Its Time
1. Sushma-Sushma (Very Delightful) 4 KodakodiSagara
2. Sushma (Delightful) 3 KodakodiSagara
3. Sushma-Dushma (Delightful-Displeasing) 2 KodakodiSagara
4. Dushma-Sushma (Displeasing-Delightful) 42000 years less in 1 kodakodi Sagara
5. Dushma (Displeasing) 21000 years
6. Dushma-Dushma (Very Displeasing) 21000 years
Total: 10 Kodakodi Sagara

Just as the parts of the wheel of a car rotate from top to bottom and bottom to top, so these six parts of Kaal also continually change. The time when the world moves from happiness to sorrow and the knowledge of souls reduce gradually is called 'AvsarpiniKaal'. While the time when the world moves from sorrow to happiness and the knowledge of souls increase gradually is called 'UtsarpiniKaal'.

The total time of Avsarpini and Utsarpini Kaals is twenty kodakodi Sagaras (crores in crores Sagaras) which is called Kalpkaal. After uncountable Avsarpini Kaal comes a Hundapsarpini Kaal (so miserable time). Currently, it is the fifth Kaal of Hundapsarpini Kaal of which about 2535 years have been passed out of 21000 years and about 18465 years are remaining.

Twenty-four Tirthankaras are born in the fourth Kaal named Dushma-Sushma of every Avsarpini and Utsarpini Kaal, These Tirthankaras preach Jainism after attaining complete passionlessness and omniscience. There have been infinite twenty-four Tirthankaras till now and will always continue in the future. As per Jain Scriptures, the names of present twenty-four Tirthankaras are as follows:

S.No Name of Tirthankara
1 Lord Aadinath
2 Lord Ajitnath
3 Lord Sambhavnath
4 Lord Abhinandannath
5 Lord Sumatinath
6 Lord Padmaprabh
7 Lord Suparshvanath
8 Lord Chandraprabh
9 Lord Suvidhinath
10 Lord Sheetalnath
11 Lord Shreyanshnath
12 Lord Vasupujya
13 Lord Vimalnath
14 Lord Anathnath
15 Lord Dharmanath
16 Lord Shantinath
17 Lord Kunthunath
18 Lord Arhnath
19 Lord Mallinath
20 Lord Munisubrat
21 Lord Naminath
22 Lord Neminath
23 Lord Parshwanath
24 Lord Mahaveer

In the present time, the first preacher of Jainism was Lord Aadinath and the last Tirthankara was Lord Mahaveer. There were five lac men and women in the Chaturvidh (four types) group of Lord Mahaveer. The Saints group was divided into nine parts under the leadership of eleven Gandharas (chief disciples). Every type of Jeevs (souls) was present in the Shravak-Shravika (disciples) group. His followers were present in every corner of India and outside India.